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Travel Vaccines

Did you know that we offer travel vaccines?

Travelling overseas provides a wonderful opportunity to experience the rich diversity of peoples and cultures, foods, iconic places, animals and beautiful scenery our planet has to offer.  Unfortunately, it also potentially exposes us to risks not often encountered locally here in New Zealand.  These include a wide range of insect-borne, water-borne, food-borne and tropical infections, as well as exposure to, at times, quite hostile environmental factors.  Dr Eldon Pitchford and Dr Will Varty have completed post-graduate studies in the field of travel medicine.

Our clinical team has significant knowledge and experience in guiding potential travellers with travel-related issues such as:

  • immunisations for Hepatitis, Typhoid, Rabies etc
  • prevention of tropical diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Zika
  • managing traveller’s diarrhoea and other travel-related illnesses
  • environmental factors such as altitude, excessive heat and cold, wilderness travel
  • DVT prevention
  • scuba diving medicals

Book a ‘Travel Vaccination’ appointment to discuss which vaccines are relevant for your travels. This fully informed consult will also provide you with the relative costs involved.

You will need to complete the Travel Questionnaire form at the time of making the appointment (approximately 1 hour long), this includes a 20 minute wait after vaccinations. These forms are available at reception or download below.