Immigration Medicals

Immigration Medical exams will usually take 1 hour to complete. In preparation for your exam you will need to:

    1. provide your passport ( must be valid for 6 months).
    2. have your identification photo taken during the examination.
    3. REFRAIN from drinking tea or coffee on the morning of the examination as this can elevate your blood pressure.  You can eat as normal.
    4. provide a urine sample during examination.
    5. have an eye test, so please bring your glasses if you need them.
    6. have a chest x-ray and blood tests following your medical exam, so please allow extra time for these – up to 1 hour.

– Children under the age of 11 years old do not require either chest x-ray or blood test.

– Children under the age of 15 years do not require a blood test.

Once your exam results including blood test and x-ray are back everything will be checked by a doctor before being sent online directly to Immigration New Zealand.

Appointments are available most days. To book an Immigration Medical call Nerolie or Vicky on (07)881 9102.  Costs for these medicals can be viewed on our “Fees” page.