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Practice Manager: Gillian Vincent

As Practice Manager for the past 13 years, Gillian oversees the business needs of the practice and the recruitment and employment of staff. Gillian is the first point of contact for anyone seeking employment.

The Practice Manager has a busy role as there are multitude behind the scenes tasks like ACC, Health and Safety plus Cornerstone Accreditation that need to be continually updated.
Matamata Medical Centre is part of the Hauraki PHO and there are various compliance tasks that are ongoing that the medical centre needs to complete in order to remain sustainable and up to date.

As part of her role Gillian is also the Complaints and Privacy Officer and all issues are referred to Gillian for a response, usually in writing. Please put any concerns in writing and email or drop off to Gillian. These can be in strict confidence. View the “Compliments and Complaints” process here.

For any and all enquiries please email Gillian on [email protected]